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Agri Digital Empowerment Learn to earn (Krishi Uday)

Bringing the revolution in technology that is reshaping agriculture to the millions of farmers who feed the world.We would like to present our smart All in one Training solutions to you for showcasing the effectiveness & easyness of our digital plateform .

THE PROBLEM we are solving :

Easy Access to Learning & Skill Development .Skill Development (Learning for literacy) is one of the four critical input for farm and farmer development.

✅Class room training s are costly and ineffective

✅One Training Fit All approach is not the right approach

✅Adoption of present dispensation of training is very less

✅Covid- 19 has made the class room type pf training more difficult

✅How to use mobile phone , data and analytics to provide customized training to the farmers

Our Programme Features

IVR Messaging

Extension Worker Skills Assesment & Training

Linking Them To Service Providers

Satelite Yeild Estimation

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

Participatory Video Based Approach

Market Linkages

Video Library For Farmers